Mallow Bouquet

Gourmet agave marshmallow bouquet + dried flower kindling. 

The classic candy + flowers double threat, BUT all in one 15” bouquet and ready for roasting! Dried floral pieces and kindling arrangements will vary in appearance, but typically include natural and/or dyed billy buttons, bunnytails and pampas grass. Also lovely in a vase for... ever.

Small bouquets include 2 skewered marshmallows, 5 dried floral pieces and a small bunch of kindling. Large bouquets include 6 skewered marshmallows, 8 dried floral pieces and a small bunch of kindling. Choose from all vanilla bean or surprise me (may include vanilla bean, cocoa dust, and chocolate studs). Best when roasted within 14 days.

Bouquets are compact enough to ship via USPS Priority at 15” tall, and delicately wrapped in designed tissue paper. Made to order and ships in 3-5 business days. You may include a short inscription (under 10 words, it’s a small tag) in the notes section of your order. Perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day, birthdays, really just any day!

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