Before founding Mojave Mallows, Stephanie Chan grew up in Texas a girl scout and s'more enthusiast. After relocating to California, she worked in branding, nibbled on sweets and dreamed of starting her own business. She noticed shelves were filled with artisanal glowups to chocolate, cookies, etc, but fancy marshmallows were hard to find. So she started making her own small batch marshmallows and experimenting with new organic ingredients and sweeteners. That led to the creation of Mojave Mallows!

-Asian American woman-owned and operated
-Locally sourced organic agave and date syrup
-Made in California
-All of our marshmallows are tenderly cooked and cured for over 18 hours 
-Committed to sustainable packaging, social responsibility, and treating our staff with love and equality.

SInce starting in 2021, Mojave Mallows can now be found at a growing number of independent retailers throughout North America as well as online at mouth.com and Faire.